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Night Glow Skin Treatment

Night Glow Skin Treatment

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Its a night of bliss with this Night Glow Skin Treatment . Both Vitalizing Exfoliating Cream and the Restorative Brightening Mask offer powerhouse plant antioxidants

that leave skin looking refreshed, restored supple and soft.

Step 1:  Apply the Vitalizing Exfoliating Cream on cleansed face and work in circulation motion. Then rinse with water and dry face.

Step 2: Apply Restorative Brightening Mask all over face and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse and dry face lightly never putting lots of pressure on skin. 

Duo Includes

Vitalizing Exfoliating Cream is perfect for all skin types. This gentle jojoba bead exfoliant helps uncover your gorgeous, clarified skin, thanks to an intensive assortment of alpha acids. The organic olive oil and fruit botanicals will leave skin looking fresh and luminous and silky smooth.  

Restorative Brightening Mask is great for all skin types. This gel mask feels wonderful on the skin. With its natural, cooling effect rich in antioxidants and nutrients skin will feel supple and soft. The papaya, green papaya extract and pineapple extract have natural, mild exfoliating properties that leave your skin looking refreshed, restored and soft. Packed with vitamin C the pineapple works as an elixir especially to get rid of stubborn pimples. 

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