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Good Glow Skin Trio

Good Glow Skin Trio

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Renew, replenish skin and revive it to a glowing state while adding moisture and reduce fine lines with our Good Glow Skin Trio.  This skin set is a great regimen to help nourish, repair skin while delivering unparalleled moisture and anti-aging benefits. This special set includes powerful botanicals and antioxidants that ensure the deepest level of penetration possible for these concentrated ingredients. With supercritical active organic ingredients that offer incredible results leading to a glowing  radiant youthful complexion.


Diminishes appearance of fine lines.                                                                               

Leaves skin looking luminous & healthy.                                                               

Improves Collagen production.                                                                                             

Helps target visible signs of aging.                                                                                         

Skin will feel smooth, supple and soft. 

Skin Set Incudes

Ultra Therapeutic Face Cream (full size) - best for combination, dry skin, great for Rosacea. Infused with hydrolized silk which has 18 silk amino acids and provides moisture as it balances and promotes suppleness and elasticity while rosemary refines pores

Thalassa Boost Face Toner (full size) - best for all skin types / acneic / mature. Minerals from the sea on your skin. This toner brings the magnificent minerals and nutrients abundantly available in the ocean to your finger tips. Brings minerals and nutrients to skin as the active ingredients penetrate in the dermis as the minerals boost elasticity and hydration. This wonderful toner increases water levels in the skin.

Powerful Green Tea Face Cleanser (full size) - best for sensitive / combination / dry skin types. Naturally effective non-foaming, green tea-based cleanser is perfect for deep-cleaning and peeling away layers from your skin without leaving a residue. Green tea is also an amazing antioxidant. This cleanser is enhanced with vitamins A, B, C and E. The cleanser may have a slight pink hue.

Vegan Makeup Bag - A beautiful high end travel-friendly makeup bag to bring your beauty products wherever you go. This better beauty makeup is a good size bag and features a zippered top for easy accessibility for all your clean beauty products.  A perfect way to show everyone that CLEAN BEAUTY is definitely BETTEREAUTY

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