What is Strobing and How to Do it Right?

Hey beauties let’s talk about strobing. You might think strobing is some fancy thing you do with lights at the club, but in fact, it’s makeup’s newest trend, so instead of contouring it’s all about looking like you have beautiful glow with more emphasis.

Strobing is all about using a highlighting makeup product to make your skin look smooth and very radiant. You basically use a couple of highlighting products in layers to give a sort of lift to some areas of your face. Make sure that the products you are using are toxic free and good for your face. 

Let’s face it makeup trends come and go so, this season it’s all about showing that there is a spotlight on your face at all times. It’s almost like having a glow on however with highlighter layering emphasizing key areas of the face resulting in a fresh face, skin that looks dewy and glowing.  

Being involved in the dance world for years and having done makeup application for so many dancers this technique called strobing was always used as dancers wanted to accentuate there best features on the dance floor.

In my opinion strobing can be done in a taste full way with a more natural radiant flare instead of a metallic looking over done. I usually like to aim for a more dewy look that screams “I go to the gym four times a week and love drinking green juices.

When the right products are used you can achieve a fresh and bright eyed look. We are going to help you with some techniques to reflect the beautiful features you have to take your summer appearance up a notch.

1) Apply a good mineral foundation all over the face to give skin an even skin tone. We recommend Gia Minerals antioxidant mineral foundation that has an SPF 20 and looks natural and fresh faced.

2) Apply a little bronzer to add a healthy warmth on the face, usually on the cheeks, forehead and chin. In this application bronzer is not used for contouring its used for a healthy just stepped out of the beach look.

3) The most important step of strobing is choosing a good highlighter or glow and by highlighting all the right places. You can be creative and choose highlighter with pink, peach or violet undertones. For example our new prismatic glow - aureole is perfect.

 4) It’s all about brightening up your face, so think of where the light naturally would hit you. Dab a highlighter or glow onto the apples of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow. You can also apply it to the inner corners of your eyes, your brow bone, your chin and the center of your forehead.

5) After all the highlighter application I like to apply Gia Minerals plant based setting powder all over the face even over the highlighted area. This will appear as if the highlight is naturally coming out of your skin making it look natural more natural.

6) Another trick I like using is taking Gia Minerals organic rosehip seed oil and mixing a luminzer or mineral glow with it to achieve a brighter look all over.  

Just take a drop of the rosehip seed oil and some of the powder and mix it on your hand and apply on those areas you want to highlight. The effect is beautiful in a dewy kind a way.

Beauties have fun with this technique and be as versatile as possible .

Georgina Tzavaras 

 June 11, 2017

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