Healthy Summer Skin - The Organic Way

Healthy Summer Skin - The Organic Way

Radiant Summer Glow 

Its summer which means lots of sunshine, flip flops, beach trips and barbecues and life couldn’t be better. It’s easier to neglect our skin in the summer months so we got you covered with 6 tips for healthier radiant sun kissed summer skin.

1) Water, Water...

When it comes to your body Mother Nature knows best so  make sure you drink  lots of water  and keep hydrated. If you think  water is boring adding a splash of  fresh  lemon will add some flavor  to your water  and work by  detoxifying skin and body as  well.  In addition to your daily intake of  water choose summer fruits like watermelon, leafy greens and berries as they contain a high concentration of water and will help you keep hydrated.  So beauties eat lots of watermelon as its 91% water. I even like to blend the juice of the watermelon with our  Anti-Aging Natural Enzyme Facial Masque.

2) Sunscreen Choice

We all know that we must apply sunscreen to protect ourselves from the damaging ray and as the summer sun warms, protecting your skin from sunburn and UV damage should be a hot priority. While slathering your skin with the nearest SPF may seem like a keen idea, many sunscreens are loaded with some seriously questionable ingredients that can induce adverse effects on your skin and body. Make sure you choose a sunblock that contains natural minerals such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that cover the surface of skin to physically block or reflect broad spectrum of the sun's UVA and UVB rays. Natural ingredients such as raspberry seed oil, walnut oil and even coconut also offer sunscreen. Avoid synthetic ingredients such as oxybenzone and octinoxate, which are absorbed into the skin to filter and absorb UV rays, effectively protecting deeper layers of skin. These chemical sunscreens can lead to skin irritation while drying out skin with other adverse reactions and the ingredients can generate cell-damaging free radicals when exposed to the sun. If you are in the sun for a long period of time make sure you are wearing a hat that covers most of your face and sit under an umbrella. 

3) Daily Face Cleansing A Must

I know we can get lazy in the summer months and it’s easier to forget to cleanse skin at nightly. It only takes an extra 5 minutes to clean skin at night so please don’t skip this step, your skin is definitely worth it. On that note chose cleanser that are cream based cleansers and avoid cleansers that contain soaps suds as they dry skin out. A good cream cleanser will add moisture to the skin, which is especially helpful for dry, aging or problematic skin. When cleansing the face skin should feel moisturized and relaxed and ingredients should not only clean skin but also protect it. A great cleansing ingredient and a must in any cleanser and great during the summer heat is Aloe Vera as it soothes and cools skin to gently remove dead skin cells and waste products while cleaning and purifying pores. Inside Aloe Vera leaves there is a Gel like substance. This gel has vast range of Vitamins including Vitamin E which is very important for skin, Minerals, Amino Acids and Enzymes. Aloe is weirdly a close match to our Skin’s pH balance. Therefore, it is able to moisturize and heal Skin fast. Aloe Vera enhances the activity of Fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are special cells found in the Skin that create Fiber such as Collagen and Elastin. These Fibers give skin its structure and make it look fleshy and supple. The more we have it the more YOUTHFUL we look.

Did you know? "The skin absorbs Aloe Vera up to 4 times faster than water". It emerges that Aloe Vera can in fact help the pores of the skin to open and receive the moisture and nutrients needed.

One of the surest ways to fight these free radicals is taking Antioxidants. Aloe Vera has a lofty source of Antioxidants which fight against these radicals, rejuvenating the Skin.

4) Moisturize, Moisturize..

It’s important to continue to moisturizing even in the summer months. Your skin might not feel as dry in the summer however it’s important to still moisturize skin. Mother Nature has a cure for almost everything so choosing a good moisturizer with aloe vera, rich oils and antioxidants will offer great properties while hydrating skin. Great ingredient in moisturizers is olive oil, rose hip oil, lavender, rosemary, hibiscus, chamomile and avocado. Avoid moisturizers with sunscreen as these have a drying effect on the skin and are full of synthetic ingredients that are not good for the skin. I cannot emphasize enough that your skin in worth the extra time and I am true believer that each product should be used and applied separate, so what if you apply more than a couple of products for that radiant healthy glow.

5) Proper Makeup - Sweat Proof

Whether you’re spending the weekend at the beach, the pool, or even staying in the city, these you need to make sure that your makeup keeps you looking fresh, glowing, and colorful without clogging pores. Mineral powders work especially well in summer, when liquid foundation feels heavy and you run the risk of it melting off your face. Loose mineral foundation is an amazing foundation routine for the hot summer months because it absorbs oil, eliminates shine and it has the ingredients titanium and zinc oxides which are naturally occurring sunscreens!  Zinc oxide has the added bonus of being an anti-inflammatory, so if you suffer from facial redness, your foundation can help calm your skin. However stay clear from mineral makeup that contains bismuth oxychloride, boron nitride which are skin irritants that cause irritation & redness, and talc which is a bacteria builder.

To ensure a face free of blemishes reach for Toxic Free SPF 20 Gia Minerals all-natural plant based Perfectly Polished Mineral Set  which for goes fillers; chemical dyes and is free of parabens. Gia Mineral powders contain only natural occurring minerals and with organic ingredients such as, calendula, white tea, green tea, jojoba and rosemary. The minerals allow skin to breath and feels like you are not wearing makeup. With just a quick flick of the brush for a light dusting and you’re off- leaving skin flawless and airbrushed while healing and protecting it. No melting, streaking or running provides sunscreen, staying power & water resistance great for summer months.

6) Weekly Masques

We all like the appearance the appearance of smoother, healthier, brighter skin detoxify 
skin with a gentle masques that you can mix with yogurt or any natural fruit juices such as watermelon, pomegranate etc, without causing downtime or irritation . Pure natural clays are amazing for the skin and offer a natural detoxification. Charcoal, turmeric are very soothing to the skin and offer great hydrating properties as they deliver an instant glow, minimizes the appearance of pores and improves texture for smooth, glowing skin. Therapeutic Facial Masque and Anti Aging Natural Enzyme Facial Masque by Gia Minerals are a must try.







Have a great fun summer!



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