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Sherry's Makeup Application: We have provided her with wonderful palette to brighten up her face and give her an even tone. First step is to make sure her face is moisturized with our Silk Moisturizing Therapeutic Repair Cream ready for makeup application.

On Sherry we used our Beige Foundation followed by Petal Setting Powder. Added warmth with Sun Bronzed Bronzer and color to her cheeks with Pretty Pink Blush.

Her beautiful green eyes are enhanced with Peach Fuzz Eye Shadow all over the eye lid and brow bone area. On the outer corner Brandy Eye Shadow with a bronzy satin finish (great for green eyes). As for the eye liner we used a beautiful navy Neptune to compliment the eyes and bring things together. The Neptune Eye liner was a wet application on her eye for more intensity. We luminized her cheek bones with her favorite Sassy-Glisten Glow. For the finale applied our new organic popular Burnt Plum Lipstick.

Sherry has been a customer with Gia Minerals since the start of our business. She originally came to us because her toxicity level was tested and was extremely high. She had done her research and wanted a foundation without bismuth oxycloride and boron nitrates. She was looking for a product without toxins and chemicals.

She was pleased to hear that Gia Minerals foundation was free of all these chemicals and toxins. She loves wearing our makeup and skincare and having fun with it and always experiments with color. Thank you Sherry for believing in Gia Minerals products and being a great customer. We Love you!

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