Choosing The Best Mineral Foundation

Why buy mineral makeup?

Mineral makeup products are natural and allow your skin to ‘breathe’. They feel lighter on the skin yet provide plenty of coverage plus commonly, offer a natural SPF. Mineral ingredients won’t clog the pores or aggravate sensitivity in the skin, so are a good option for acne prone skins and those experiencing Rosacea and sensitive skin. If you suffer from allergies and just can’t tolerate artificial colours, perfumes or chemicals, maybe mineral is for you! Mature skins love minerals for the light diffusing and illuminating properties too, meaning fine lines appear softened and pigmentation is camouflaged.

When shopping for mineral makeup there are a few things to look for in making sure you have made the correct choice for your skin. Make sure that the mineral makeup is a powder form. You might ask why? There are plenty products claiming to be natural mineral makeup, however are in liquid from or pressed powder form. When a substance is heated it undergoes a chemical change therefore it is no longer in its natural state. Also the ingredients that made it become a solid or a liquid is not natural ingredient. For example take your vegetables when you cook them to much they no longer have the proper nutrients.

Be careful as not all mineral makeup is created equal and as little as 1% mineral content can bear the mineral label. When shopping for mineral makeup, be sure to read the ingredient list well and avoid a formulation that is free from cheap and nasty fillers and ingredients that may irritate your skin or be of questionable safety including: bismuth oxychloride, boron nitrides, talc, magnesium stearate, corn/maize, rice starch, soy bean flour, and all the paraben ingredients.

If your ingredient listing is so long and you need a degree in chemistry to decode the words, then take the time and question the ingredients.

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