Standout Publications - Summer Makeup

Standout Publications Summer isuue 2015
It’s hard enough to keep our complexions clear in the sweaty summer months without worrying about cakey makeup clogging our pores. To ensure a face of free blemishesreach for Gia Minerals all natural Mineral Basic Starter Kit, which for goes fillers, chemicals, dyes and is free of parabens. Gia Minerals Basic starter kit introduces you to youthful skin benefits with a lightweight and SPF 20. It doesn't clog pores or irritate skin and delivers all the long lasting coverage you want without feeling that you are wearing any makeup at all. With just a quick flick of the brush for a light dusting and you are off leaving skin flawless and airbrushed while healing and protecting it. No melting, streaking or running provides sunscreen, staying power and water resistance great for summer months.
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