Tara’s Story

Tara Mackey certainly knows the dangers of Big Pharma: she suffered from a dependency on pharmaceutical medication for various ailments when she was growing up in New York, and eventually she’d just had enough. Reaching rock bottom in terms of physical and mental health, she found the strength to begin a natural wellness journey to give her body the break it was desperately craving and she completely quit all pharmaceuticals, cold turkey. In fact, she refused to take aspirin or cold remedies when ill and even shunned anaesthetic and painkillers when she had her wisdom teeth removed! Taking her health into her own hands, she moved to the sunnier climes of Southern California and began eating organic whole foods and using only natural cosmetics.

Today, she shares what she has learned through her blog The Organic Life, which educates readers about health, wellness and natural alternatives to conventional products, diets and health care. A singer and model, Tara also writes on these themes for Popsugar, Mind Body Green, Lucky Magazine, H&W Magazine and is the author of Cured by Nature.

The Brand: Cosmetics company Gia Minerals shares the same nature-focused values as Tara and collaborated with her to create their Siren Collection. Tara has given names to the colours and matched them with the plant based ingredients, which are all organic, vegan, non-toxic and gluten-free. To help educate people about the links between the food and cosmetics we consume and cancer, every year the label donates 5% of profits to cancer research and education.

My favourite picks: Waxelene peppermint lip balm, Gia Minerals Under the Sea lipstick (totally lead free!),  Gia Minerals Venice eye shadow.




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