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Retractable Powder Polisher - Brush

Retractable Powder Polisher - Brush

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Introducing our new Retractable Powder Polisher Brush in rose gold which is so handy and fits in your purse. This is a unique modern take of the traditional kabuki brush.  This brush is not only pretty but also super soft that allows for that perfect polishes all over application. Fits beautifully in the hand and is the perfect companion for travel or just to have in your purse. The retractable design keeps the bristles protected and clean. The high-quality compacted vegan bristles are perfect for adding a little glow on the go, contouring with allover powder, and applying foundation powder or shimmer on the décolleté.

What would an artist be without her paint brush? The tools that you use are necessary to get the desired effect for that glowing flawless complexion.  




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