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Jessica's Story

As a small independent brand that offers a large selection of clean beauty products we are not only about curating we also love to educate by creating an education platform for those who purchase Gia Minerals. We create a relationship with our clientele and we are part of there journey transformation every step of the way just like we have been with Jessica. 

We have been working with this lovely beauty Jessica for a couple of months now as she came to us to help her with her acne flair up. We started her with a skincare regimen to get with her acne flair up under control.  Se started using the "Clear Recovery Skin Set" plus the "Therapeutic Repair Face Mask". We asked her to avoid putting any toxic makeup to cover her acne and allow some time for her skin to take everything in. Once her face was in the right path and we saw improvement she was ready for our clean natural cosmetics.

Jessica's Face Pallet 

 Antioxidant Mineral Foundation in "Praline", Setting Powder in "Whisper", "Sun Bronzed" Antioxidant Bronzer, "Bora Bora" Antioxidant Blusher. Eyes are enhanced with plant based eye shadows "Brilliant", "Tierra Dark", "Peach Fuzz", "Sunlit Brown" with lashes coated in our "Natural Lash Mascara".  For the finally we offer hydrated lips with a beautiful Tuscan coral shade in our "Pout" organic lip gloss.

We Care

Our goal is to give clients as much information as possible to empower them to make a the right choices on what they feed there bodies and what clean ingredients powered by nature will work best with the structure of the skin for maximum results. 

We would like to thank Jessica for allowing us to share her story and her transformation journey into the clean beauty movement. 

February 25, 2018

Georgina Tzavaras


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