Why A Beautiful Flushed Cheek ?

Why A Beautiful Flushed Cheek ?

Why Everyone Should Be Wearing Blush?

Why is it that so many of you have a fear of applying blush? Is it because you have memories of the way your grandmother or mother wore the pinkest brightest cheeks that overwhelmed her entire face that looked fake like a porcelain doll? We have to admit this was very scary and nothing looks bad as a blush done wrong.

Blush has changed with times and it’s a very important step in any makeup routine. A pet peeve of mine is when one has done a beautiful job on their makeup however, missed the important application, which is to add color on the cheeks with the perfect blush.

Antioxidant Mineral Blush


Why Is Blush Important? - DON'T FEAR IT !

Blush is a quiet, unassuming miracle worker when it comes to cosmetics. Seriously! That's because blush has the ability and the power to brighten up your entire face and highlight your visage with just a few strategically placed swipes. Blush is actually a much more wearable and universal facial product then most products as it's nearly impossible to mess up. It can be a gorgeous finishing touch to a full face of makeup, or it can be the only thing you wear on those lazy days.

Blush is an enduring classic and is insanely easy to use you just have to have fun with it. Its main purpose is to add warmth to makeup by imitating a slight natural innocent flush, thus making the skin look healthy, bright and attractive. Without blush your image looks incomplete as if you have missed a step. The right shade of blush can work wonders for your face, giving you a very youthful look.

This Organic Girl, Lisa in Gia Minerals Charisma Antioxidant Mineral Blush

Remember beauties that you’re striving to look close to natural as possible, which is why blush should not contrast or form distinct borders with the tone of your skin. Keeping in mind it has the supporting role and its purpose is to enhance your other features. Blending sometimes can be a little frustrating but be patient, just with everything practice makes perfect. I find most of the time it’s easier to use the index or middle finger then a brush as there is more control and easier to see the right amount of blush applied on the cheeks.

Blush Is Classic, Classy & In Style - GLOW BABY GLOW!

There are definitely many shades and textures but we love a mineral powder blush as it’s the easiest, most versatile to blend and use without making mistakes. Powdered blushes are great for all skin types but Gia Minerals blushes are perfect for the most of sensitive skins, as they come in an array of shades boosted with added benefits such as skin balancing organic antioxidants that also shelf adjust to your complexions skin tone that are long lasting and waterproof. Gia Minerals blush is fairly easy to use due to the refined mineral ingredient blend that feels silky on the skin allowing for immediate color while impart a little glow. Dewy skin is always in, and a blush with just enough sheen can be used to create that illusion.

Angela in Gia Minerals Sunset Beach Antioxidant Mineral Blush

Blusher can warm up cool-toned, fair skin. It can also brighten shallow or tired skin. It even adds depth to darker skin tones. Blush is not just about that dash of color, either picking a universal rose pink shade such as Gia Minerals Splendid Rose or Charisma the perfect coral peach shade will look great on most skin tones. Just remember a little goes a long way so start with less and apply in layers for desired color.

The great thing about blusher, if you are tired (or you overslept), disinterested in rocking a full face of product on a super-hot or humid day, or in the mood to just let your skin breathe, grab a fluffy brush, sweep a pink or peach coral blush on your cheeks, and it will instantly wake up your entire face.


  1. Choose a well-lit location. It is important to apply your blush in a well-lit location, otherwise you might underestimate how much you've applied. Natural light is best, however a well-lit bathroom or a lighted make-up mirror will do just fine.
  2. Apply your primer / moisturizer and foundation first. The primer helps to neutralize any redness and will keep your make-up looking fresh for longer, while the foundation evens out skin tone, providing a flawless finish. I like to apply blush before my eye makeup. Try it gives you a fresh take on doing the eyes after.
  3. Apply blush to suit your face shape. I still love applying blush on the apples of the cheeks as this allows for a youthful look, sometimes shape really doesn’t matter. However here are some hints depending on the shape of your face.

Round faces: To slim a round face, apply blush to your cheekbones (which you can find by sucking your cheeks in like a fish) and blend outwards and upwards towards the temple.

Long faces: To soften a long face, apply blush slightly below the apples of your cheeks (the roundest parts) but don't extend the blush any further.

Heart-shaped faces: To balance heart-shaped faces, apply blush beneath the apples of the cheeks and taper off towards the hairline.

Square faces: To soften a square-shaped face, apply the blush straight across your cheeks, beginning about an inch away from either side of your nose.

Oval faces: Oval faces can get away with just applying blush on the apples of their cheeks, and blending well around the edges. To find the apples of your cheeks, just smile!

  1. Use a nice fluffy dense blush brush or just your finger will work even with Gia Minerals Antioxidant Mineral blush.
  2. Finish with a layer of translucent powder. To finish the look, get your hands on a translucent powder with a slight sheen.

Use a small brush to apply a little of the powder beneath the outer corners of your eyes, then use a swirling motion to blend it into the top edge of the blush.

This will highlight your cheekbones and help the blush to appear more natural.

NOTE:  If you would also like to include bronzer in you routine apply before blush. Bronzer will give you warmth and blush will give you the color.

So put on your favorite blush this summer and have fun.


Georgina Tzavaras

June 11, 2018




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