Waterproof Your Makeup Routine - Rain or Shine

Waterproof Your Makeup Routine - Rain or Shine

Stay Flawless In April Showers

With rain season right around the corner, you might want to take a look at some fantastic makeup formulas for rainy days! There is nothing worse than having the perfect makeup day, only to walk out the front door right into a rainstorm. 

A heavy rain day can ruin your perfect makeup day, and trust me you don’t want that happening . What if you are on your way to that perfect date you have been dreaming all week or that important business meeting or an interview, could you imagine if your makeup was all ruined.

No worries we have you covered with 5 Gia Mineral products that will have you looking good no matter the temperature or weather condition and on track on looking flawless in a downpour with clean beauty waterproof formulas.

What is a quality waterproof foundation doing out of your makeup bag? Not all foundations are made the same. This Antioxidant Mineral foundation will having looking flawless all day even in the rain. The unique formula of the earth minerals and organic healing ingredients will stay put. This formula will with stand any water, even swimmers and dancers use it and guess what it stays on. 

What is a makeup routine without a concealer to cover those dark circles and any imperfections? Well this Eye Radiance Perfection will give eyes the brightens they deserve without caking or smudging in that poring rain. 

Now lets talk flushed cheeks! All day pop of color is a must as you dont want that blush to have streaks down the cheeks. Well no worries the ingredients in Gia Minerals Antioxidant Mineral Blush adhere even better to the skin wen it gets wet, so cheeks will always look beautiful. 

We know eyes speak volume and we wouldn't want your shadow looking out of place. These plant based eye shadows will provide round the clock fabulous with no smudging or running. The ingredients work so well together that when applied on the eyes stay put all day and are long lasting even through those April showers. 

Staying on the subject of the eyes, how about those lashes? Well our Natural Lash Mascara might not be waterproof however its water resistant and with stands the smudging and flaking. Would you believe we have even swam with this mascara and it actually stays on without running. The great thing about this mascara is that lashes also stay conditioned.

Beauties we want you to have an amazing spring. Stay dry!

March 5, 2018

Georgina Tzavaras



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