SO  E X C I T I N G!
GIA got a makeover and we are so excited to announce our re-brand with a new brand logo, name, color scheme and website. You will not be disappointed. 

The recent release and this step’s major re-brand idea is to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to the vision that inspired both GIA and our supporters. With that said we decided to update our brand elements to embody our vision better and strengthen our growth and commitments by helping our customers identify with our brand in the clean beauty marketplace to allow everyone to create your most beautiful yet healthier life style supported by nature.

We also want to share with you our rationale and what the new image represents for GIA and our community. Our new logo represent unity in our commitment, love and passion that symbolizes nature and harmony.

The extent of the re brand also depicts the versatility and plant derived ingredient driven clean beauty products that are uniquely formulated to nourish the overall health of your skin. For that reason, the idea

of leaf in our logo represents the rebirth of GIA BARE BEAUTY and our compassionate nature to sustainability where all of ingredients are powered by the one mother we all share 
MOTHER EARTH (gaia – GIA). The word BARE was chosen because every component of the line reflects a nourishing light feather feel in both cosmetics and skincare. The word BEAUTY describes you, how beautiful you are and your uniqueness.


We are a beauty brand that wants to elevate your beauty and empower you in a safe and effective way so our slogan is: 



BE BOLD – Our products offer prove performance & efficacy where you can enhance and empower your look.
BE BARE - Formulations that are uncomplicated without compromising your health .
BARE BY NATURE – Clean beauty products supported by nature that support and heal skin.



Thank you for your commitment and ongoing support and we welcome you to join us in our journey with our brand GIA BARE BEAUTY. 


Georgina Tzavaras

Founder & Formulator 

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