Toxic-Free Sweat Proof & Water Proof Makeup For The Summer

Toxic-Free Summer Makeup - by Gia Minerals

It’s hard enough to keep our complexions clear in the sweaty summer months without worrying about cakey makeup clogging our pores. Mineral powders work especially well in summer, when liquid foundation feels heavy and you run the risk of it melting off your face. Loose mineral foundation is an amazing foundation routine for the hot summer months because it absorbs oil, eliminates shine and it has the ingredients titanium and zinc oxides which are naturally occurring sunscreens! While mineral makeup has a built-in SPF, it’s best to layer it over sunscreen for assured protection. Zinc oxide has the added bonus of being an anti-inflammatory, so if you suffer from facial redness, your foundation can help calm your skin. However stay clear from mineral makeup that contains bismuth oxychloride, boron nitride which are skin irritants that cause irritation & redness, and talc which is a bacteria builder.

To ensure a face free of blemishes reach for Toxic Free Gia Minerals all-natural plant based Mineral Basic Starter Kit, which for goes fillers; chemical dyes and is free of parabens. Gia Mineral powders contain only natural occurring minerals and are enriched certified organic olive leaf powder, calendula, white tea, green tea, jojoba, rosemary.

Best Natural Mineral Makeup Starter Kit - Gia Minerals organic plant based mineral makeup starter kitGia Minerals Basic Mineral Starter Kit introduces you to youthful bare skin benefits with a lightweight texture and SPF 20. It doesn’t clog pores or feeling like you're wearing any makeup at all. With just a quick flick of the brush for a light dusting and you’re off- leaving skin flawless and airbrushed while healing and protecting it. No melting, streaking or running provides sunscreen, staying power & water resistance great for summer months. Gia Minerals Starter Mineral Kit is filled with beauty essentials to give you a flawless beautiful glowing complexion for the hot summer months. The Kit includes our flawless Mineral foundation, Setting Powder, Bronzer and a professional brush. Whether you've got dry, sensitive, oily or normal skin, Gia Minerals suits your skin type.

Summer Melt proof makeup application tips:

1) Apply your favorite moisturizer or a couple of drops of your favorite oil all over the face.

2) With a dense kabuki brush apply Gia Minerals foundation using round brush stokes all over the face. There are no real rules how to apply mineral foundation or in what direction just give it a go and have fun. You can’t make a mistakes its easy and fast.

3) Apply setting powder with the same dense kabuki brush all over face.

4) Apply Gia Minerals Sun Bronzed or Sun Goddess bronzer. Bronzer is a must it allows for some    warmth and a sun kissed looked. Apply bronzer on cheeks, forehead, nose and chin usually where the sun hits your face.

5) I always like to also apply some color with a blush. Gia Minerals blush will also give you a beautiful glow to that sun bronzed complexion.

6) Spray Gia Minerals setting spritz which instantly gives skin a healthy glow.

7) All ready for the summer with a toxic free makeup beauty routine. Enjoy the sunshine and wave’s lovelies!!!

Gia Minerals basic starter kit was even featured in standout publications for summer must haves 2015.





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