Mineral Makeup Application Walkthrough & Guide

First Step-Foundation: Gia Minerals foundations are very easy to apply.

    a) Take your kabuki brush or powder brush and dip it into the powders. Swirl your brush in the lid and gently tap off any excess powder on the edge of your lid with brush bristles pointed upward. This action will settle the powders into the bristles.

      b) Then, starting at the outer edge of your face near your jaw, begin buffing the foundation into your skin in a circular motion, applying some pressure. Continue applying LIGHT until satisfactory coverage is reached. If you still have a few spots that need covering, just take your concealer brush, dip into powders, and apply to necessary areas, or use Gia Mineral concealers.

        Second Step - Setting Powders:

        Take your powder brush, kabuki or brush of choice, lightly dip in powder, swirl in lid, and tap off excess. Apply all over the face. You can also use a shadow, concealer or foundation brush to apply heavier coats to certain areas.

        Third Step -Bronzers: Everyone can use some warmth

        Take your kabuki or powder brush and dip in powders. Pick up a TINY amount and swirl in lid. Tap off excess to settle powder into bristles. Apply to cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and shoulders as desired. This will give you a sun-kissed look! You're saving your skin! You're getting the protection from the harmful rays of the sun with the natural sunscreen, and also creating that lovely, bronzed look we get from being in the sun.

        Forth Step - Blushes: I always apply bronzer and blush (this is your choice)

        To apply blush, simply dip your kabuki or other brush into powders, swirl in lid, and tap off excess so the powders nestle into the bristles. You only want to use TINY amounts of these blushes!  A little goes a long way. Swirl on apples of cheeks as desired, this gives you a youthful healthy look. Don’t go to close to the ear that makes you look old. Apply one coat or more if you desire more color and intensity.

        Fifth Step – Glow

        Gia Minerals glow are great all over color or just used to luminize cheeks, eyes etc. Use a bronzer brush or a powder brush and apply a small amount, as desired. It’s a beautiful look when finished.

        Last Step - Eye Shadow:

        a) Brush Gia Minerals luminizer or a light shade all over the lid, crease and under brow bone. This opens up the eye and makes appear brighter. Our dual slant brush is the best for this. (Refer to picture below)

        b) In the crease of your lids for a contouring effect using a darker shade. Take this color and also apply upper lash line. Blend until desired look is achieved. You can apply them wet or dry. For wet, mix the powders with a touch of water and then apply to your lids for a different look. Some of the colors change slightly when wet, so create more colors and get more use out of the same product!

        c) You can apply a third color (eye liner) on the inner upper eye lid area from one end of the iris to the end of the upper lash line (this can also be applied wet for a more dramatic look). Use the same color for the lower lash line. In the outer corner go wider with the shadow as this will make eye appear larger.

        d) Apply luminizer in the inner corner of the eye. This gives you a more awake look and not so tired look. (We all want that)

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