Comin’ atcha with some looks created by the Gia Minerals Go Smoky Eye Palette. I am loving this product for so many reasons. First, it’s wicked versatile. Four colors, Four hundred looks. (Well almost). Second, these shadows stay put. I prep my lids with  au natural concealer in Almond and then followup with a translucent power like ilias radiant translucent powder and then apply and blend and they STAY. I also set my shadows with a mist – just lightly mist face and lids to keep shadow put – Okay and third, love these shadows for their ingredients.


Gia’s shadows are made with: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Organic Calendula and Organic White Tea. So simple. So clean. So good.

The woman behind Gia Minerals is Georgina Tzavaras, a former teacher turned beauty formulator. Her goal is to provide women healthy and affordable nontoxic beauty. She is in the lab daily and in full control of her product manufacturing (no middle men here) plus her make up is always cruelty free, gluten free and mostly vegan. For more, check out Gia Minerals here.

Go Smoky Eye Palette

And let me just say I don’t do up my eyes everyday but with these four shades, I found a look that was appropriate for pretty much any situation; everyday, girls night out, date night or brunch with your mother-in-law (who reads my blog by the way, Hi Mary Ann!) I mean that pretty much covers my life situations. And here they are:

Owning It

Okay this look is OWNING IT! I call this a devilish everyday look – sexy, polished, intriguing and confident. Perfect for a date, dinner with friends or a work/school meeting where you are looking to to run it. For this look, I went in with Oyster for an overall lid color, hit the top and bottom lash lines with Ash and finished it with a spot of Silk in the corner of the eye. No liner and topped with Gia Mascara.

Night Out/DH

Not to be outdone by this look. I took it up two notches and worked the palette as dark as it could go. This smoky eye is killer and a night-out/DH. I’m thinking anything in the evening – strike a pose, theres nothing to it, vogue.  This may appear a little bit similar to the previous look but trust me, this pic does not do it justice. It’s dark, bold, sexy and let me just say this, my hubs came home when I was doing this look and he was like, “WOAH, your makeup looks good!” Thank you Jason and thank you Gia.


To achieve this look I applied Ash on 3/4 of my lid leaving the inner corner naked. Blended into the crease and reapplied Ash on the lid to darken up the lid. Added Oyster in the corner and reapplied some concealer below my eyes to eliminate any blue tones (aka dark mama circles) that may compete for color attention.

This Little Number

Okay last but not least, we have this little number. I love this look. Perfect for everyday, church, brunch, you name it. It’s clean, respectable, polished and pretty.Here I went in with two colors. Oyster as an overall lid color with Silk in the corner of my eyes. And finished off with Gia’s mascara of course. No liner.I gotta say, no matter what eye palette, colors. brands you are working with an eye look is nothing with out a lash curler and mascara. And I love Gia’s natural mascara, chalk full of organic ingredients, a big fatty wand and a formula that enhanses = thick, long lashes. A total game changer.

Also wanted to make a note of the Gia shadow brush too. This brush makes applying so simple. The narrow angular end is fantastic for lining lashes and under eye application. It’s precise, narrow and gets the job done. I also love the primary end as well. It’s flat so it really gets into the crease perfectly, super easy to control and makes color transfer a breeze. I also got to try Gia’s new lip color in Superstar. Just wanted to share that with you as well. It’s bold, fun, reckless and down right full of sass. Loving it. Check it out.


And last but not least, wanted to share the love with you! I teamed up with Gia Minerals to give away their Go Smoky eye palette, shadow brush AND mascara to one lucky winner! Hit up my Instagram account for a chance to win! Drawing a winner on Valentines! 2/14/17 – G O O D L U C K !

And if you can’t wait you can always shop here!


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