The Ugly Side Of Beauty – Eye shadows Exposed!

We go buy organic food, exercise and try to avoid pollutants in our bodies, and yet most of us unknowingly apply toxins to our skin everyday.  I’ve been doing my best to try to keep my family safe, eating as healthy as possible and keeping away from things that are toxic.  But everyday I would take out my favorite makeup and apply it on my face, unknowingly applying toxins on my skin!  Years ago I had changed to natural tooth paste, soaps, shampoo and creams but I had never thought about my makeup.  I guess I either didn’t think about it or just didn’t want to realize it!!  

I worked as a Beauty Therapist in the past and part of my job was applying makeup.  I would do bridal makeup and event makeup and I personally just loved all things that were colorful and fun!  And it is not like cosmetics are cheap, it took a long time and lots of money to get all my supplies, so it’s not an easy task to get rid of them.  When I started reading more about all the chemicals and toxins that makeup has I was mad!  How could I have kept using all these horrible products for so long?   The list of all the toxins in cosmetics is very long and they are in about 80% of products.  After meditating on the information I learned I made up my mind that even though it is hard and expensive to start fresh with my supplies, it is not worth my health to keep using toxic products, no matter how tempting they are to me.

I didn’t realize how many natural brands are actually available to choose from.  Yes they do sometimes cost more, but it’s worth the extra money.  And actually if you are shopping the high end makeup, it might actually be the same price if not cheaper to buy the natural products!  I thought today I would start by giving you a list of my favorite natural, non toxic eyeshadows I use right now.  There are many products that are natural, but I don’t just want them to be safe, but I want them to work well!  There are many sites that tell you what is bad, but I want to tell you what cosmetics are natural, look great and work like the products you are already using.  Before I give you my list of my favorite non toxic eyeshadows here are some interesting points of information you should look into:

  1. There was a study conducted on two sisters blood.  The blood was tested before and after switching to natural cosmetics and cleaning products.  Tests taken at the beginning of the experience revealed that Charlotte had 650mg of Parabens in her blood, which is in the higher range. Her reading fell dramatically to 21mg at the end of the experiment.  Her level of triclosan – found in toothpaste and body washes – fell from 490mg per litre to zero. 
  2. Scientists have shown that chemicals in cosmetics pass through the skin, into the bloodstream and internal organs.  Its important to know and research the chemical names found in the products you use.  I’m sure no one would like to apply products that contain cancer causing chemicals… You can always check your products on websites like EWG Skin Deep Data base.  But again, it doesn’t tell you what natural products work well.  So that is what I want to do for you all!  I will let you know of the products I try that look and work great.  Starting off here are the eyeshadows I’m loving right now:


This Organic, Natural, Vegan, paraben free, cosmetic line has beautiful loose mineral eye shadows.  This organic line is handcrafted in small batches capturing nature’s purest ingredients to love, nurture and nourish skin.

I love them because there are many different bright fun highly pigmented colors to choose from.  And you do not need much to get strong color.  I love bright, strong color, so I was so happy when I found these!  

These are just a couple of looks I have done using these beautiful colors!  I have a promo code for any of the Gia Mineral cosmetics if you would like to try them.

These are some of the non toxic, cruelty free eyeshadows I am loving right now.  I will keep updating this list as I try out more products.   Stay tuned for my list of top natural lipsticks and glosses! And don’t forget to follow my natural makeup account called Natural Girl Colors on instagram!  Here you will see different looks I create using only the non toxic makeup I love and use.  Join me!

Author Elena Tsamkiranis

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