The Look - Gia Minerals Organic Makeup

Hello beauties 

I have new organic makeup products to share with you all from Gia Minerals  ALL of their beauty and skincare products are natural, organic, and animal cruelty free

Let me start with the  Vitamin C Facial Toner. This toner is for brightening and balancing your skin and is  filled with vitamins and fruit botanicals. I found the toner to be refreshing and calming , which is probably due to the tea tree essential oil and the aloe leaf juice.

After washing my face and dabbing it dry, I sprayed some of the toner onto a cotton ball and massaged it onto my face.

Now my face was ready for the fun parts! Gia Minerals sent me, along with the toner , 2 mineral eyeshadows, a mineral bronzer, mascara, and lipgloss. I began with using the two eyeshadows and bronzer.

Right off the batt I fell in love with these three mineral makeup products. They have such a beautiful shimmer and lightness to them.

I began with my eyes and actually used the bronzer, Sun Bronzed, as a shadow for my crease. It’s warm tone was perfect for it.

After that, I used (my favorite) the Peach Fuzz eyeshadow.

Next, I used the Natural Lash mascara.

Guys, you will be amazed by my eyelash transformation with this product:

Intense right ?  

I then used the Neptune mineral eyeshadow as an eyeliner to give my eyes a bit more definition.

Lastly , I used the Sun Bronzed bronzer again to give me a sun kissed glow and some color, and also applied the Juicy lipgloss.

I absolutely love the final outcome.



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