I was so excited when GIA Minerals sent me some of their product to sample.  I had been admiring them from afar for a while.  They sent me their mineral powder, mineral blush, 3 eye shadows and a lipstick.  I had read the story of how GIA started and was so impressed with the owner’s drive and ambition.  After having searched for organic, non-toxic makeup herself and not being able to find any that would work with her sensitive skin-she created her own mineral makeup.  If that isn’t girl power I don’t know what is?!  She already had a background in chemistry that helped her formulate GIA Minerals.  Not only does she create amazing products but she strives to educate others and move them towards an organic movement too.  Well, sign me up!

I love a quote they have on their website:

“We don’t have to wear all those chemicals to be pretty. Natural & organic can still be glamorous”.

I couldn’t agree more!  GIA uses only 100% natural mineral powders made from naturally occurring pigments in their mineral makeup.  The owner herself was willing to answer any question I had about ingredients.  I love when a company is open and transparent.

Ok, I know you guys want to hear about the makeup and trust me, I can’t wait to tell you!

Mineral Powder- I was eager to try this out, especially after seeing so many great before and after photos on GIA’s website.  As I mentioned above, their mineral powders are toxin free and contain only a handful of ingredients.  They are formulated for even the most sensitive skin, so if you have had a problem in the past, this may be just the ticket.  They also have an spf of 20.  I tried out the mineral makeup in Beige and Cream.  What I loved about them was the coverage and longevity.  Some mineral powders don’t cover as well as say a cream foundation, but not true with GIA’s Mineral Foundation!  It not only offered great coverage but it stayed the whole day.  I applied my serum before putting the mineral foundation on. I tend to be dry and found this helped to hydrate my skin so there was no unevenness.

Mineral Blush- Loved this blush!  I received the color bombshell- a pretty mauve with a hint of shimmer. It gave me a glow as the light caught the shimmer.  Again, it stayed the whole day!  I could apply it lightly or heavy depending on how I wanted to play up my look.  It looks matte on but not flat because of the slight shimmer.  I’m convinced I need every color they have. $25on.  I tend to be dry and found this helped to hydrate my skin so there was no unevenness.   

Mineral Eyeshadows- Wow, where do I start?!  This is a big statement but these are definitely one of my favorite eyeshadows I’ve used.  I know, they’re that great.  Why do I like them so much??  Well, for starters they stay…the whole day.  I know this is becoming repetitive with their makeup but it’s just the truth!  In my transition over to green beauty products the hardest thing to find was makeup that lasted.  Sure, people could make products that were clean but would they stay on the whole day…that was the hard part.  That’s why I get so excited when I not only find a clean product but a product that is clean and has longevity.  The eyeshadows are a loose powder but highly pigmented.  I could add a lot of pigment or dub it down, depending on the look.  But at the end of the day, they looked just as good as they did in the morning…I’m serious guys!  I sampled the colors Chiffon, Dreams and Sunlit Brown and I loved them all.  Dreams was perfect for highlighting under my eyebrow, along my brow bone and in the inner corners of my eyes.  Trust me, you all need these!  


This is an awesome lipstick.  Not to sound like a recording but this lipstick is definitely one of the longest wearing lipsticks I’ve worn.  I would apply it in the morning and even after eating it was still there.  It’s moisturizing and highly pigmented.  One great thing was how true the color was to the color on the website.  I got Diva and it looks just like it does on the website.  I love when you can trust you’re getting what you ordered.  It doesn’t have a weird lipstick smell like so many other lipsticks either.  Just pure ingredients and it works.  

GIA offers so many other makeup products and skincare too!  For more info. check out their website.  Oh and of course don’t forget to enter coupon code gurlgonegreen at checkout for 15% off your order!  Have you guys used any of GIA’s products?  Leave me a comment or feel free to ask me any questions about the product!

Author Suzi Swope

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